Thursday, April 12, 2007

Skip the ritalin, get a genotype!!

This week in the American Journal of Psychiatry there is a study which links a specific haplotype(a few changes in the same copy of a gene) to ADHD onset. It is a confirmatory study(which is needed to draw any conclusions). The gene in question is the dopamine transporter DAT1. There has always been a familial risk of ADHD with identical twins being 70-90% likely to have the disease if their twin is afflicted. So naturally we have thought that this disease is primarily genetic. However, until lately the data did not indicate a significant role in DAT1 changes. But this literature is not very strong. Now there is a significant study, but this too needs some further investigation. Do I go out and get my kid tested for DAT1 polymorphisms? No. Does it give us hope for early identification of ADHD and other therapies besides a stimulant that stunts growth? You bet it does. Are there other ways to get ADHD without this gene change? You bet there are. That being said......
If there is a test and it is useful I will be the first to let you know.
Would you take the test?


Alicia said...


I just found you so I thought I would say hello. My name is Alicia and I have three children with Sanfilippo Syndrome. Ciara is 10, Hunter is 9 and Tommy was 4 when he passed away three years ago after three stem cell transplants at Duke. I look forward to visiting you here again!

Alicia -

Ritalin Side Effects said...

My name is Lance Burnet and i would like to show you my personal experience with Ritalin.

I am 56 years old. I have taken Ritalin for 30 years. I have been diagnosed with a mild form of narcolepsy. I use 4 (10 MG ) pills per day. The drug ahs worked wonders and eliminated the drowsiness and sleep attacks. My concern now is the length of time I have been on it. When taking a "drug holiday" it seems like my symptoms are worse.

I have experienced some of these side effects-
rebound effect when dosage wears off.

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