Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013 what predictions? Eh Sherpa

Ok. I just put this here because I like Andrew Dice Clay. Here's my take. Let's look at what happened in 2012 and my predictions.
Here's what I said

1. In regards to DTC Genetics, the FDA won't shut you down if you are google.But you will have to give your test away for free to build your database

If 99 dollars isn't giving it away, I have no clue what is

2. In regards to Pharmacogenomic testing, most doctors won't use the service despite studies showing utility that have existed for 2 years.

They still didn't in 2012.
3. In regards to GWAS predisposition testing, it is mostly useless. It doesn't scare or heal you.......most of the time

Nothing has changed science wise with this statement

So Now, after months off I have to come up with brilliance. Really?

Navigenics=Dead DecodeMe=Dead Pathway=Weight Loss genetics 23andMe=Giving tests away next to free

DTC Genomics is not the play here. 

For personalized medicine to succeed, the clinicians still need to learn and the students need to teach.

Prediction 1. A true 1000 USD genome will come out in 2013, late November, early December

Prediction 2. Someone will sue 23andMe for privacy violations

Prediction 3. A big set of PGx data will be released....and ignored.

Prediction 4. Hillary Clinton will have either cancer or a stroke. Her health reports are suspect at best.

Prediction 5. Nutrigenomics will begin to have much more press coverage.

The Sherpa Says: I am here, blocking and tackling. Awaiting the next phase of the climb.