Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Coriell and OSU integrate GWAS into an EMR!

Ok, so enough with the acronyms.....

I am back and will be blogging more often again. So for those who still lurked around, tell the others that the Howard Stern of Genomics is back. I took a social networking holiday for a solid 2 months, plus the addition of having my practice change quite a bit after my USA Today and follow ups in the local papers.....

Today I want to announce that Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative and Ohio State University will be using data from an arm of the CPMC and OSU to integrate genetic risk data into the medical record.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't know of anyone else doing this exact same thing.

Ideally they will also continue to roll things in like PGx data. (I know this data will be coming soon)

By integrating things like Plavix response, you can make more gametime decisions easily.
I.E. Patient presents to the ED with a heart attack. Armed with prior knowledge about plavix nonresponder, you pick Effient.

What is so awesome about this arm is that Primary Care Physicians, Cardiologists AND patients will be participating and receiving results.....

They will be studying the behavior and knowledge of participants in the study, we have seen other data on this sort of thing, I wonder if we will see the same thing here.

For risk data? Probably. For PGx Data? Probably not.

Why? A plavix response in the medical record is a game changer.
3 Reasons

1. The clinician will be hit in the face with a "Plavix doesn't work here"
2. The physician may even find they are a nonresponder
3. There has got to be some hustling attorney out there, who will be lurking once they see the CPMC/OSU release. I am certain at least the physicians will be thinking so.....

The Sherpa Says: Study of clinical use and behaviors will be key to know how vital this data is and thus how tightly we should regulate its use in medical records i.e. 23andMe clinical BRCA testing! P.S. Like our new crest?