Monday, May 7, 2012

What's the Sherpa Up To?

I have decided to write an update to what the Sherpa is Up To. Why? Well, after 5 years of hard work, Lee Gutkind is about to publish a work of creative nonfiction. I am one of the main characters. The other characters are also very compelling. 

I was able to preview a copy and am very excited. 

But, after reading, I thought I should give you an update on what the Sherpa is doing. Let me explain my madness. Here is my thought. As my good friend John Setaro MD would say. 

"There isn't any genetic advantage that can't be overcome with aggressive environmental modification."

This was me. I was overweight, the practice was stressing me and killing me. I needed to lose weight. I did. 30 pounds of weight. Mostly fat. This changed my life. How did I do it? FitBit, metabolic testing using gas exchange, calorie tracking, some things that a guy like Eric Topol MD would call mobile health.

I began to pay attention to obesity. I noticed that obesity is a huge familial disease and an epidemic in the US. But, the genetic markers soft at best. So I say again, family history matters more. I studied fat metabolism and began to realize this disease was very similar to some mitochondrial deficiencies. I began to align genetics, family history, obesity and preventative care. Truly personalized medicine. I will sit for the obesity boards this year.

I understand the future of medicine and the potential of personalized medicine to enhance disease cure and prevention. In this case, I have been able use my understanding of metabolic genetics, clinical genetics, bariatric medicine, pedigree analysis, mobile health, medicine and wellness, to help cure diabetes, hypertension and depression. It is amazing how people feel better when they are no longer obese.

I along with 2 other physicians, my 3 nurse practitioners and our 3 offices (yes, a long way from a genetic counselor and a part time office on Park Avenue, NYC) devote every day to early detection of disease and prevention of disease.

You will soon be able to see the fruits of our labors. We are modifying environment aggressively to overcome genetic and familial risks. We take family history, environmental history, genetic testing (if indicated), mobile health tools, technology, social history and use these tools to maximize human life.

A concept we call Arete (R-eh-Tee). The Sherpa is creating the best system to cure disease, using the model developed from his own 30 pounds of weight loss and journey to health. Come see us, we are still in Greenwich, 115 East Putnam Avenue, 23 Maple Avenue, 49 Lake Avenue. 203-869-0451.

The Sherpa Says: We have made camp, 1/3rd up the mountain, beans and lamb are on the fire, with quite an ascent coming. Genomes, Environmental, Technology. Coming soon! But for now, go buy Lee's book!