Monday, April 2, 2007

Quest patents Cholesterol Test!!!!

In a bid to take over the world, Quest laboratories has patented the LDL(bad cholesterol) test. Now you cannot screen LDL (bad) cholesterol without going through Quest. Cardiovascular disease affects at least 65 million Americans and now through the miracle of patents, Quest owns the rights to all cholesterol testing! The cost for such Astronomical 5400 USD!!!! But you can get your cholesterol checked free of charge if you participate in a research study co-sponsored by Pfizer. The bad news, they will not tell you your results for 2 years. In addition you will be required to take an experimental medication or placebo for those 2 years.

April Fools!!!!!

No! We are the fools, if we don't stop gene patents this may soon be what our health care becomes. More and more genes are being found linked to common diseases like heart attack. Even worse, more and more labs are patenting these tests!!!! Soon to have a full evaluation for risk you may spend 30,000 USD!!! The reason why these companies say it hardly is an issue is simply because the genes they have patented are for rare diseases. But the same rules apply for Pfizer, or Quest! Who is keeping them from patenting the Long QT gene (Too Late, that's already been done), or the genes for breast cancer risk (Too late, Myriad has already done that) but what about heart disease (deCode is busy doing this right now!!!)

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