Monday, April 30, 2007

Hsien-Hsien Lei

Just a brief post today to tell you that there is an excellent blog being started by Hsien Lei PhD. She has been at the helm of a highly successful genetics blog called Genetics and Health. She is now posting on her new blog Eye on DNA
I am looking forward to this new start. We all wish her the best.
On a not so light note, I have been embroiled in a hot debate with Lisa Lee from a direct to consumer company. She has been extolling the benefits of predisposition testing for TCF7L2. When I posted this she had no response:
From Genetics and Health

"Last one I promise.The TCF7L2 is involved in signalling and may very well represent what we
call a developmental predisposition. The family of proteins it plays a role in is Wnt signalling. This is involved in the development of the gut. It is fishy to raise the possibility without mentioning that the damage could have already been done in utero. Similar predisposition may be involved with COPD (emphysema).

From NEJM Volume 355:306-308 July 20, 2006 Number 3“Does this new genetic information have any practical health implications? At first glance, TCF7L2 is not the most attractive of drug targets, since it is closely involved in fundamental developmental processes. The main effect of the high-risk single-nucleotide polymorphisms in relation to diabetes may be developmental and may not be amenable to therapeutic manipulation in the adult patient.”

Do you see how confusing the data is? I sure do.The jury’s still out.
At least in my mind.

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Thanks for sharing Eye on DNA with your readers, Steve!!