Monday, April 23, 2007

Minor Retraction

I would like to post a minor retraction. After spending time reviewing a certain Direct to Consumer genetic testing website, I found mention of:

  1. That not all hemochromatosis is caused by HFE. It was one sentence in relation to several paragraphs on the page.
  2. That you could test for iron studies, "Doctors usually perform screening tests before moving on to genetic testing or liver biopsy. " No, ALL doctors test iron levels prior to genetic testing or liver biopsy. It is the standard of care. You would get sued if you did not test iron studies first.
  3. On their HFE questionnaire there is no place to state "no/yes my iron has been tested"

So... sorry for failing to mention that this info can be found approximately 5 clicks away from the testing info.

By the way, Myriad just released their 10Q for December Gross profits have tripled since 2004. Perhaps it is due to the "lab reps" they send into swanky offices in Greenwich and Park Avenue? Or maybe it is their gene patents, stifling innovation and research. Shame on you Dr Henderson


KidKronos said...

Very cool info here Steve. Linked you up at KidKronos!

Would love to be added to your links. Keep up the good work!

Steve Murphy MD said...

Consider it done :)

Thanks for the well wishes.