Friday, April 27, 2007

Night Owls Unite!!!!

In an interesting "Non medically Related" study....for now
The Telegraph reports of a mutation causing circadian rhythm (activity vs. rest) problems. The gene called F-Box L3 which has been found to be responsible for degradation of proteins responsible for inhibiting or controlling our "internal clock". The effects of the proteins called Cry1 and Cry2 are essential for the oscillatory movement of our cycles. The studies were carried out at New York University and Europe and of course in conjunction with Merck. Heads up Ambien!!
What this study brings to the table is more important than the study itself. Media headline here is: "Gene explains why people are night owls"
No it doesn't! It explains why mice may have altered sleep wake cycles. As my old program director used to say "Mice are NOT humans"

The Gene Sherpa says: Be careful what you read in the press about genetics. Most of it is hype, much of it is not pertinent to humans....yet, and even worse some of it just ain't true. So leave the translation to me :)

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