Tuesday, March 17, 2009

DTC Genomic tests? Who's that?

The American College of Physicians is perhaps getting the act together.....

Recently I sent an article to the ACP President Jeffrey Harris, I scolded him about how short sighted it was not to include topics on Genetics at the ACP conference in April. I still have received no response back from him......


It appears the ACP is looking for Internists who have experiences with DTC Genomic testing.

Your thoughts exactly: direct-to-consumer genetic tests

ACP Internist is assessing how often internists are asked by patients about direct-to-consumer genetic tests.

Tell us about your experiences.
Learn more about the impact of direct-to-consumer genetic tests
here and here.

They link to an article from Greg Feero. In which he says:

"This amounts to DTC marketing of the genetic equivalent of a full-body CT scan"
Is that what MDVIP is doing? Now imagine them doing the full body CT without a radiologists interpretation........ That is exactly what MDVIP is doing......

This is the image of DTC which will now be painted in the Internal Medicine Doctor's mind. Too bad that they will apply this image to ALL genetic testing :(

The Sherpa Says: ACP, you may be coming around.....but a 3 question Survey Monkey effort is hardly what I call real effort....

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Anonymous said...

This should bring a smile to your face: http://www.genomeweb.com/node/913441?emc=el&m=338845&l=1&v=dd426d8000