Sunday, March 15, 2009

Navi's New Job

In case you missed my recent posts about Navigenics and 23andME, let me recap.

1. They lost their CEO. Who was in essence an executive in residence for one of the venture firms funding Navi. I.E. Kleiner was running Navigenics to begin with.....

2. I predicted that by the summer these companies.....Navi and 23andME would show whether they were going clinical or way of the novelty test....Surprisingly 23andME continues to thumb its nose at academics, by launching research without having its own Institutional Review Board.

3. With 23andME now doing BRCA testing, while Sacramento SLEEPS, or is is clear their intention is to go clinical and clinical research without taking any ethical or professional responsibility....

4. It is now clear Navigenics will go clinical, looking to recruit it's own lab staff........Where?


Who needs when you have Craig's List

Navigenics is a start-up company with headquarters located in Foster City, CA. with funding from three of the top Venture Capital Firms in Silicon Valley. We provide personalized health profiles for customers based on their genetic makeup. For more information see


As a member of the science team, the Clinical Laboratory Scientist will help establish the clinical testing arm of the Navigenics Laboratory which is located in West Sacramento, CA. This position requires knowledge of clinical testing and the ability to be trained in molecular biology techniques, laboratory processes, specialized medical diagnostic laboratory tests, blood test procedures, and medical terminology in order to perform specialized medical laboratory diagnostic tests.

Wait a second........

Navigenics has a clinical lab? Really? I thought they were not doing the testing???? That was their half baked excuse right? Affy, does our testing, so we are exempt from CDPH.....

Well, maybe AFFY's lab is this lab? It IS in Sacramento...but then, why would Navigenics do the hiring????

Is this to appease New York? who has yet to let DTC enter the Empire State!

The Sherpa Says: If the genetics community allows this to happen, I will be surprised......Nawhhh, they are trying to write grants rather than stop the barbarian hoards.....Navi is going clinical, 100% certain of that now. Will they at least take the responsibility which the billionaire predisposed to Parkinson's won't?


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