Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Experimental Man Debuts!!!

I am so happy to know David Ewing Duncan. Aside from him appearing on one of the CliniCasts last year (The day former president G.W. Bush signed GINA into law) he is a great writer and has been in the thick of the San Francisco Genome Scan Craze.

David has been talking about gaining greater insight into one's health for quite a while now.....

Finally he takes the time and puts his adventure into a book and a website.

The Book, Experimental Man is already on sale at Amazon! He debuts this book next week in New York City. I will be at his book signing and wish I was at his Today Show interview!!!

What is the Experimental Man? Well a brief read of this excerpt will give you some insight.

David has been doing all sorts of experiments on himself. From Exposing himself to Mercury and Surviving (Take That, Jeremy Piven.) to Functional MRIs, consumer and academic genome scans. David serves himself up as an investigator. This allows you to become a voyeur of self exploration.......

David's Website is a rich resource for information. From Leo Trasande, a guy who was a fellow while I did my internship under him at Mount Sinai to finding out your Brain Age.......

If you haven't thought about what the ramifications of finding out about your genome are, David is a great test subject.......and a pretty good blogger.

The Sherpa Says: David, Congratulations. Your book will be a very useful resource for the masses who want to learn more about themselves....and you.

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