Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sign of the Times? Or just bad management? DNAPrint closes up shop.

Genome Web reports yesterday that DNAPrint goes bust.

Who was DNAPrint and what did they do?


DNAPrint Genomics, Inc. is a cutting edge company. We are concentrating our efforts in four distinct areas; Pharmacogenomics, Forensics, Genotyping, and Consumer Products. Our aim is to continue to research and develop novel products and services in each of these market areas and to be a leader in genomic-based technologies.

The Company’s core patent applied for and proprietary technologies for efficiently targeting single nucleotide polymorphisms (“SNPs”) enable us to provide novel predictive genetic tests at a significant cost advantage over our competitors.

What did they do?

Four things really

1. DNAPrint®'s genealogy product, ANCESTRYbyDNA™ 2.5, is a pan-chromosomal assay for genetic ancestry. The test surveys 176 Ancestry Informative Markers (AIMs) to provide an inference of genetic ancestry or heritage.

2. PGx- We currently have several pharmacogenomic tests in development:

OVANOME™ - DNAPrint® scientists are working on a genomic-based diagnostic tool to match ovarian cancer patients with the most suitable form and dose of chemotherapy.

STATINOME™ - This test is currently being developed for the cardiac drug market, and is expected to enable a classification of patients as adverse responders or normal responders to a class of drugs known as “statins”.

3. DNAWitness™ will provide the percentage of genetic make up amongst the four possible groups of Sub-Saharan African, Native American, East Asian, and European. When appropriate, DNAWitness™ allows for a breakdown of the European ancestry into four components: Northwestern European, Southeastern European, Middle Eastern and South Asian. The names of the components/groups is meaningful but not exact, since they are cast in modern-day terminology but the assay is an anthropological one that reports affiliation with populations who share common ancestry extending back many thousands of years. The real value of the percentages reported are as population (rather than individual) bar-codes, which are very useful for inferring certain elements of physical appearance.

4. Paternity-DNAPrint® genomics, Inc. provides an affordable, confidential and accurate screening test service for paternity. Our paternity test is processed on ABI 3700 and 3100 equipment, state of the art analyzers that measure the Short Tandem Repeat (STR) units.

This sounds like a lot of companies out there today.....Some are faring better than others....

Whatever your take.....if these guys, who had customers couldn't hack it.....what's to become of those who have no customers???

Hopefully those analysts didn't take this presentation of theirs to heart.....or maybe the did?

The Sherpa Says: Hard times are coming, most biotech companies have less than 6 months of cash on their books. Somehow I doubt that the next big SNP study will lead to any more success than DNAPrint saw....

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