Friday, March 27, 2009

Yale's Healthcare 2009 Conference and the Sherpa

I am preparing to speak at Yale School of Management's Healthcare 2009 conference. It looks to be quite a conference. The theme this year will be

"Where is the Value? Managing Cost and Quality in a Healthcare System Facing Reform."

From the site:

The Yale Healthcare Conference is a joint effort between the School of Management and the Health Professions Schools at Yale University that aims to bring together professionals, academics, and students to engage in an instructive interdisciplinary conversation concerning current healthcare issues. This will be the 5th consecutive year and we expect the conference to continue growing to over 400 participants.

The planned title and theme for Healthcare 2009 is Where is the Value? Managing Cost and Quality in a Healthcare System Facing Reform. This conference will focus on a theme of value in the healthcare system. The conference aims to address three principle questions:

1) How do we provide better care to more patients while keeping costs under control?
2) What are innovative public and private solutions to this problem?
3) What sort of opportunities and challenges will potential healthcare reform bring?

I think that this is a timely conference. With the administration supporting reform and already a record level of Medicare Audits in the system, it is clear that America will face a drastic change in the way healthcare is provided in this country.

My breakout session is on, guess what......

Personalized Medicine!!

I will be accompanied by Dr Aidan C Power of Pfizer.

Aidan's team is at the forefront of Personalized Medicine and PGx at Pfizer. Aidan has been addressing several issues and study design for personalized medicine. One recent example is the issue of race and ethnicity in PGX.

Aidan has even been briefing the Personalized Medicine Coalition, something we at Helix Health of Connecticut are proud to be a part of.

The Sherpa Says: Healthcare IS Changing. This conference is a great way to learn about some of those changes. I hope to learn alot!

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