Friday, September 14, 2007

Up To Date meets Illumina!!

If you aren't aware of what UpToDate is, chances are you are not alone. But if you are a physician, I am certain that there is no way that you have not heard of this valuable resource. This website was originally conceived of and designed by Burton Rose and has revolutionized medical practice. For a subscription fee you get access to articles written on almost any subject of medicine (Very little on genetics though)

It allows physicians to practice on the fly Evidence Based Medicine. It is very informative and worth the subscription fee.

Imagine if there was a genomic resource which would allow physicians to translate genomics into the practice of personalized medicine. My answer is.....soon such a tool may exist. I have just finished a brief conversation with the physician who may be the next Dr Rose.....

I can't reveal much without his permission. But that gap we're minding may just be closing a little bit!

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Hsien Lei said...

I'm glad Dr. Peroutka contacted you! I was just about to email and ask if you knew him because is on their homepage.