Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thank You

Today I received a phone call that made my month. One of my wonderful readers called and said "I love reading the Sherpa everyday! You have some way of fitting in really interesting and insightful information that I don't get anywhere else. Trust me, I am on the Internet all the time. No one has this stuff but you! So keep it up Sherpa!"

Let me tell you a little bit about the Sherpa and his (my) day. I usually get up around five am. I hit the snooze button but it never seems to work. Mainly because my daughter has decided to get up as well. I get the baby, change the diapers and turn on the computer. These days I turn on the Treo 700wx as well. I see what emails have transpired while I was sleeping and I get an invoice from my employees overseas.

My S.O. heads to work and I am left alone with my extremely vigorous child. I feed her the bottle while checking the DNANetwork as well as turn on the "news" (what I mean here is the propaganda machine run by PR specialists)

I usually field 2 to 3 phone calls in the morning from my residents. They tell me about how things went overnight in the hospital. Then I hit the shower (yes, even Sherpa's shower)

When I get out, my RSS feeder has finished updating and my daughter has had enough of the PnP (pack and play).

I feed my lovely daughter her bottle and scan the RSS while she is eating, making notes on my Treo. I then take a 5 minute break to give her TOTAL attention. It's 7:15 am, then the phone rings, it is the sitter. I buzz her in (Thank God)

Then the day begins.....I won't share more here. But let me tell you, that part of the day has been a breeze so far.

So I want to thank all of you who read the Sherpa. I appreciate all of your time and attention. Today I want to put something out there for your digestion. AlterNet has posted on something that had worried for sometime (see here). I don't mean to upset the well intentioned people at Google (They are ALWAYS the biggest viewers of The Sherpa according to feedburner) but there are some significant concerns that medical professionals have. Now it is getting some significant play.

Google has been in the info gathering game and has been doing it very well. Unfortunately HIPAA came along and I think the guys in Mountain View have bit off more than they can chew. Do you have any idea how expensive EMRs are? I chalk it up to the HIPAA and billing code abilities that an EMR must possess. Privacy is a big issue even if GINA passes (which it will). GINA does not cover life insurance, secondary schools, potential mates.....etc

The Sherpa Says: I thank you all for listening to my morning. I hope you find as much enjoyment in reading the Sherpa as I do posting it. As for private information moving out of your control, whether you are a utilitarian or an autonomist you have to admit there is something fishy to this type of power grab.


Berci Meskó said...

It's our pleasure, Steve! :)

Hercules said...

I like reading the Sherpa every day too, he is very well-informed and helpful... but he gets really mad if you don't totally agree with every one of his posts (which I found out recently....). When I meet him in person, I think I will keep my online identity quiet!

Steve Murphy MD said...

I wouldn't say I get hoppin mad. I just argue vigorously. I hope you don't mistake that for being mad :(

Steve Murphy MD said...

Thanks Berci and the shmoopies