Saturday, September 22, 2007

Just saw the BRACanalysis Ad on ABC 7

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For those of you who live in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area. You are in for a treat! I just saw the confusing, puzzle like ad for BRACanalysis (The BRCA tests by Myriad)

Do you remember those tile shifting puzzles where you have to move all the pieces the right way to get a clear picture. This is actually a perfect metaphor for this ad. It shows women of every race and age all in blocks. The boxes look exactly like the aforementioned puzzle.

Each woman says a different thing and they all blend together. From "My mother has breast cancer" to "my father's sister has breast cancer" they make it seem that all breast cancer can be detected by this test. The commercial states BRACanalysis B. R. A. C. "Be Ready Against Cancer" Too bad they don't give their aunt's age, and no one says "everyone in my family has breast cancer" This ad portrays sporadic breast cancer as an indication for BRCA screening.

This paper describes the past ad campaign. My gut says this is the same as before. Guerrilla marketing does state that you do have to be consistent and have commitment to be successful. SO IF AT FIRST YOU DON"T SUCCEED.......

This type of advertising creates an opt-in, directing you to the website BRACnow which is actually a pretty useful site. The problem I have is when you are searching for a provider. They list several physicians who have not had cancer genetics training. Which is ok.....if you have a NEGATIVE test. But what if you have a Variant? Also my question is....... why are there so few genetics providers in the Tri-State Area? I know my group at Helix Health of Connecticut can do these services, but where are the other providers?????

The Sherpa Says: Here it comes New York.....I hope you are ready. Too bad most NYC genetics providers are booked for 6 months in advance......

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