Sunday, September 23, 2007

Scientists and The Sherpa Urge Caution

According to a recent post at Medical News Today a new article will be published in Science urging caution with the availability of genomic sequencing. I have commented on it several times and now feel like we are beating a dead horse.

Listen, if you want your genome to help you decide what clothes to wear, or perfume, or as a trophy. Then go out and get one. I will never stop you from getting your genome as a novelty. But if you want to use your WHOLE genome to make healthcare decisions.......... Well, you better get a second opinion. The only genetic testing that will work for healthcare has nothing to do with whole genome analysis.......for now. So why get your genome? Because, if you get it once you never have to do it again? Well, you saw how that worked out for the iPHONE right?

On a lighter note, as I sit here in the ICU taking care of really sick people I am left to think....What if we could prevent chronic diseases? These are the diseases which once end-stage put you in the ICU. Where I now sit taking care of end stage heart and kidney disease. That is where the power of the genome prevention.

The Sherpa Says: Early adopters are wonderful. The world would not advance if it weren't for those who challenged conventional wisdom. But when it comes to human life........well, I am not ready to "crack a few eggs"

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