Wednesday, September 5, 2007

1000 Genomes???? Coming Soon.

I have been looking at the genome of Craig Ventner. What Surprises me is that we haven't do this sooner. If you haven't heard the diploid genotype of Craig Ventner is up. And several of my buddy bloggers have posted on it. Blaine posted on it here and has a nice wrap up.

From The Canadian site The Globe and Mail

Most experts predict that routinely reading individual genomes will become a reality within five years as the technology to unravel the six billion chemical units that make up DNA gets faster and cheaper.

Kathy Siminovitch, director of genomic medicine at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital and the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, noted that the first Human Genome Project rang in at roughly $1-billion (U.S). But with the new generation of "ultra-fast" DNA sequencing machines that have hit the market within the past two years, she said the bill is expected to drop to less than $100,000 by year's end.
The Sherpa Says: Coming soon 1000 USD genomes. Now who will read and interpret them? Even crazier....where is the evidence base behind treatment guidelines adjusted to your genome??? I can here the uneducated physicians now.But don't be scared my brethren internists. Stick with the Sherpa. We will find our way.

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