Saturday, September 8, 2007

Genomics as a Lifestyle

As I watch things such as the wonderful Personalized Genome Project, The Personal Genome Education Project, 23andMe and all sorts of venture capital lining up to hit the "cash cow" known as the genetic lifestyle. Hsien over at Eye On DNA has been posting on this for quite some time. This one takes the cake.

This is much more than Personalized Medicine. It is the economic equivalent of the "Organic" movement on bovine growth hormones :)

Why? I would like to name 3 reasons

1. Organic healthcare sells to a group who go outside the "mainstream".....But genetics IS soon to become mainstream, unlike Organic/alternative healthcare, which took almost 50 years to gain acceptance

2. Organic Foods can now be shifted into Molecular foods. This allows them to position as Nutrigenomic Foods. Not to mention the fact that the manufacturing infrastructure required to make nutraceuticals is already in place.....clearly bioactive compounds will allow your genetic predisposition to be tweaked.

3. Personalized nutrition, workouts, etc..., just for you, Google already knows and is starting to cash in on the next wave.....Personalized everything.

My only concern about this living style is that we start discriminating because of predisposition....

But clearly we are headed to an age of genetics as lifestyle.....even before the literature will bear it out.

The Sherpa Says: I can only hope that this can enhance our lives and not just lighten our wallets. P.S. Dr Mishkin has sent me Salugen's data......stay tuned

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