Sunday, September 9, 2007

Gene Genie and George's Blog

First....Gene Genie is up at Cancer Genetics. Thanks to Ramunas who put up an excellent edition!!

Second and even more importantly......My excellent Chief of Genetic Counseling brought George Church's blog to my attention. My gosh....

His evaluation is right on point. His question is a wonderful one...... Great now we have what. How do we get to systems biology? Once we have systems biology on point, we will then have truly personalized medicine. We will be able to manipulate the systems....and physicians will become engineers, systems analysts....

So when will we get there? How will we get there? My gut says there are 25 different signalling systems and perhaps four different common pathways....these will corroborate with the 4 humours........ Welcome back Galen and great to see you again Hippocrates.

The Sherpa Says: Stick around for 2010 it's gonna be huge! I am a firm believer in systems biology. I feel that be understanding cellular signalling pathways, we will see the link between previously unrelated disease. For an example if this take a look at this NYT article.

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