Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mind your P's and Q's

In another Hairbrained "We're not doing medicine" scheme I point your attention towards

From the site

Who shops for genetic tests?

Genetic tests are not just for people with concern about disease or fighting crime on TV.
These are people who have used QTrait:

Families with history of allergies.
Women who learned about their future pregnancies.
Grandparents wishing to buy DNA tests for grandchildren

QTrait offers over 40 genetic tests. Mix and match tests to suit your needs.

(Great....... just like pick and mix candy!!!!)

All 4 tests: $249

All 7 tests: $399
Health & Longevity

All 9 tests: $499
Sleep and the Senses

These types of shennanigans are precisely why the FDA, CDC, IOM, and ACMG are demanding federal legislation outlawing or at least regulating DTC genetic testing. Some of these genes have only been studied in cohorts of less than 1000 people. Not nearly enough to be ready for the medicinal market!

The Sherpa Says:

I left the links in for the shear joy of having you go to this company. Q-Traits, it is only a matter of time before you are sued or break the law. Good luck to you. If I was Navigenics or 23andME, I would lead the push getting rid of these shady customers. It is only making the big 3 look even worse. Trust me, these DTCs are not making it any better for you. And they are practicing medicine too.


Anonymous said...

I don't care for their Genetics Bootcamp.

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