Monday, May 12, 2008

Jessica Queller and the Sherpa

So I can finally announce my big news. Helix Health of Connecticut will be hosting a webinar with the Author of Pretty is What Changes: Jessica Queller. I am excited to let everyone in on the big news. I will be letting you all know where to register shortly. With the recent introduction of books like Jessica's in the market it is becoming obvious that there is a significant population of women who are sharing their tales.

The reason I love Jessica's book is because it is written in a such a readable fashion. You can tell that Jessica is a storyteller even without knowing she writes for Gossip Girl!

So before you attend the next Helix Health of Connecticut webinar you can read her book!

More Info to follow!!!


Alberto said...

Thanks for the suggestion, definitely putting this book in my wishlish!

Misha said...

very cool