Monday, May 19, 2008

BRCA Webcast Sherpas Repost

I vowed I would never post when family took precedence. I have to break that vow again today. I wish I didn't but there is something so vitally important that I must share with you. Why is this important? Because it might save more lives than have been previously lost.

The scourge of Ovarian and Breast cancer has ravaged several populations. With very few cases of early detection in Ovarian cancer, many women present with spread of the cancer and very poor prognosis. Even more importantly, women who have ovarian cancer and BRCA mutations still are at risk for other cancers including breast cancer. Despite this I have heard comments from Oncologists like "Why do we need testing?" This is why I have pulled myself away from my grief stricken family.

To fight this lack of knowledge I have dedicated and arm of Helix Health of Connecticut to educate and promote genomic medicine. This arm will host at minimum monthly podcasts on very important topics. The first of these is Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancers and the BRCA genes. The panel will include a patient with BRCA1. She not only happens to be afflicted, she has written about her experiences. Jessica is gifted with the pen and is a very successful writer. Her book "Pretty is What Changes" raises significant issues and serves as a wake up call to clinicians and patients. It serves to empower us all.

Jessica will join David Ewing Duncan, bestselling author of Masterminds: Genius, DNA and the Quest to Rewrite Life, and a panel of distinguished medical and legal professionals to discuss how the doctor-patient relationship is changing and what the potential liability is for physicians in this new era of breast & ovarian cancer and genomic medicine.

The Sherpa Says: The Helix Health of Connecticut webcast series is dedicated to my grandmother who died at 35 years of age from metastatic breast cancer. Too young for me to ever know. Please sign up for this conference. The information may just save a life......If Helix Health of Connecticut can save just one life then all the hard work is worth it. Please sign up now. Seats are limited, but you can also sign up for the podcast.

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