Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lancet and the Sherpa

After reading an editorial from the Lancet...I think that they may be reading the Sherpa. Let me know what you think. From the Lancet "Genome Wide Open"

Interpretations of the effects of human genotypes on disease are today just entering the foothills of a forbidding massif. In particular, a much richer understanding of human genetic variation is needed. However, the relentless ascent of human genomics is coinciding with growing public interest in maintaining health and participating in health-care choices. Doctors will face challenges in guiding their patients through genetic terrain strewn with difficult language and concepts, but should be optimistic that shared enthusiasm will make for surer progress.

My Blog?

To usher in the new paradigm of personalized medicine we will need to travel a perilous path. Much like the route through the Himalayas it has punished the naive and self-reliant. That is why I have dedicated my life to being a Gene Sherpa. What is a gene sherpa? The Sherpa speaks the language of the trail, he/she knows short cuts and dangerous paths to avoid. This blog is for those wishing to take the journey and those wishing to become Gene Sherpas.

Sure sounds to me like someone reads the Sherpa......

Keep Climbing,

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