Wednesday, April 2, 2008

4 Days too long

As I sit here in the Sheraton New Orleans before our presentation I am re-living my days here in New Orleans....

When we arrived I immediately had to go get Jambalaya.....and then diarrhea..........

The next day I went to the "World Famous" Cafe DuMonde....I was filled with excitement about this exotic sounding place.....If I only would have google'd it first. When I approached the cafe from Jackson Square I saw what seemed to be perhaps a beach side cafe with a starving artist out in front of it.....I must admit when I got in the Green and White Awning open air cafe I saw a neat business model and tasted what I deem "smooshed funnel cake". It turns out at the Cafe Du Monde, the waiters take your order, pay the cashier...almost as if they are reselling the goods........meaning the Beignet! That fried dough smashed with powdered sugar....sounding eeerily like a Rye Playland funnel cake. Guess what in addition to the funnel cake....sorry "Beignet" they also sold coffee laced with a retinal poison called Chicory. That's correct...long term consumption of this substance leads to dimming of the vision and damage to the retina.
What in the hell? Clog your arteries and go blind at the Cafe Du Monde......So good actually that I went twice! Take That Medicare! Feel free to pay for my stents!
The Sherpa Says:
Stay Tuned for more...I have to go set up now.