Thursday, April 10, 2008

Al Gore and WebMD

I want to take the moment and laud Navigenics. I am hard on all. I am equally fair. I recently took their wonderfully funded CME course on WebMD. I am so very impressed with their desire to educate physicians.

This is the key to the provision of Genomic Medicine. I am currently working on an article about corporate genomics, brick and mortar services, and what is often called Patient Centered Care. The crux of my theory is that nothing will move forward without the education of health care providers. So Bravo to Navigenics....I have been very hard on you in the past. Just as I have been hard on other companies like 23andME and deCode. I am certain that I am hated in Iceland or Forbes.

In addition, by funding a study at Mayo regarding how patients interpret these results you are going to contribute to the line of literature which indicates that physicians can't even interpret the test I applaud you for distinguishing yourself from your competition. When will 23andME follow your suit? deCode?

We are all in the same industry. To be fair, I just am hard on all. I hope you ALL understand and know that I am here to protect the patient and provider first. That is my charge. We have a large mountain to climb and anything that smells like Scientific Match.Com should get taken out with the rest of the garbage at basecamp.


A little birdy told me you had Al Gore on Monday? How come your PR people did not get that in the NYT????? He is after all a partner at KP.


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