Monday, April 14, 2008

Nice Quote Tom

I wrote several months ago about Tom Morgan and bogus MI testing,
I haven't talked about him in a while. But I remember when I was a medical student rotating in genetics at Yale. Tom was literally running around talking about how great SNPs were and how they hold the potential to help define heart disease risk. He was so animated that I quickly jumped on board as a resident. I pulled up Newsweek and guess what....Tom the super excited about SNPs and Genomic Medicine Doctor

Newsweek ....But we already know where Newsweek stands on this.

Dr. Thomas Morgan, of the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, worries that the business is getting ahead of the science. While researchers have clearly identified a chromosomal region linked to heart attack, for example, no single gene—including some being analyzed by DTC companies—stands out as the smoking gun. And undiscovered genes may turn out to be major risk factors. The result, says Morgan: "I might scare myself or reassure myself falsely based on the very limited knowledge that we have."

Wow!!! That's right. Tom is on the same page as the entirety of the field of genetics!
Does that mean this testing is worthless. Absolutely not....when viewed in the light of an appropriate medical and family history.

Also today I want to highlight how quick information in this field travels. I was recent speaking with a member of
CorbettAccel and we chatted about marketing and communication. I told them that guerrilla works best....believe it or not. Speaking of Guerrilla........
You should check out Berci spoke about them earlier last week and I wanted to let you know they are out of beta. Good Luck Guys.....this field moves at light speed. BTW you should check out the founder's blog as well.

The Sherpa Says: "Market Share doesn't wait for the evidence"....which is precisely why we set up shop in 2007! I hope other brick and mortar
personalized medicine practices jump up soon. I look forward to helping them with the nuances of growing a practice while delivering the best care available. As the say....imitation is the highest form of compliment.

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