Friday, April 4, 2008

Jessica Queller and BRCA1

First I would like to apologize to Spiegel and Grau. I missed you gracious letter. Please give me a call.

Second.....I am catching some serious heat about the deCode rant! I never knew so many smokers were hoping to escape cancer and angrily flaming me with emails. Here's a hint ladies and Gentlemen........Quit Smoking and maybe you will avoid cancer. To all of those who decided to fill my gmail yesterday....thanks for reading this blog. I appreciate your interest.

I don't know how many of you picked up the USA Today on March 31st, but in it was a profile on Jessica Queller. She has written a book called:

Pretty Is What Changes-Impossible Choices, The Breast Cancer Gene, and How I Defied My Destiny

About the Book....
Eleven months after her mother succumbs to cancer, Jessica Queller has herself tested for the BRCA “breast cancer” gene mutation. The results come back positive, putting her at a terrifyingly elevated risk of developing breast cancer before the age of fifty and ovarian cancer in her lifetime.
Thirty-four, unattached, and yearning for marriage and a family of her own, Queller faces an agonizing choice: a lifetime of vigilant screenings and a commitment to fight the disease when caught, or its radical alternative—a prophylactic double mastectomy that would effectively restore life to her, even as it would challenge her most closely held beliefs about body image, identity, and sexuality.

The Sherpa Says:
To understand the human issues surrouding genetics we need to experience or read others' experiences. I think many of you already know of my family's history.....very similar.
I am hoping to invite Jessica to the blog. Wish me luck.....


Anonymous said...


I too, read Jessica's book and was incredibly touched by it. I also found her website, which has more info on the book and some links to helpful BRCA and breast cancer websites. The address is:

Jenny said...

interesting. this is the first ive heard of this book. i'll be sure to check it out.

Anonymous said...

I just finished Jessica's book and was quite moved. My mother had breast cancer, survived, then got ovarian about 6 years later and died 11 year ago. I felt I was reliving it all over again, yet with a sense of comfort. I was wondering if anyone knows if Jessica's mother was tested for the gene and was it positive? I believe my mother tested negative. Does that lesson my chances for a positive result. I am contemplating having the test now. Any input would be appreciated.

Steve Murphy MD said...

That depends.....on what test your mother had. You should definitely see a geneticist or counselor regarding this. If you are in the NY metro area let us know.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Steve.

I am actually in Virginia and have been researching genetic counseling. I am planning to meet with them in a few weeks.

Take care,