Wednesday, April 23, 2008

GINA first, then the floodgates open!

When preparing my plan for genomic medical services I saw one HUGE barrier.

That barrier to entry was NOT

3. The lack of evidence base

It is and soon will be was

Ladies and Gentleman. Tomorrow, the 24th of April 2008...that barrier will be blown away.

So here's the question to congress. "Are you ready for the rest of the fly by nights entering the game?" Cogent indicated that a full 75% of Americans would be interested in genetic testing for health benefits IF AND ONLY IF......There was federal legislation protecting against discrimination.

That day has come.

The Sherpa Says:

I find it wonderful that the 24th medical specialty will find its patients on the 24th of April. Even funnier is how the Sherpa's life revolves around....the 24th. What is going to happen the day this bill gets signed into law? Stay Tuned....

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Anonymous said...

This is good news. Now, what are some of the potential side affects that need to be watched out for?