Friday, March 28, 2008

Oh When the Saints

That's right, I am off for the big N.O. this next week. I will be attending the Association for Program Directors in Internal Medicine annual chiefs' meeting. I am on the faculty and will be giving a session guessed it. Genetics curricula in Internal Medicine. I will be accompanied by Mike Murray MD of Harvard, Mark Babyatsky MD of Mount Sinai, Cyrus Kapadia MD of Yale and Charles Seelig also of Yale New Haven Health/Greenwich Hospital.

We will be getting the group motivated about teaching this important topic. I have to tell you that this is the rate limiting step. I think that the AMA can hand out as many brochures as you want...but change starts from within.

So...The Sherpa will be taking a Vay Cay for about a week. I won't stop monitoring the BlogoNome but my output will be diminished....unless there is some really juicy stuff.......

The Sherpa Says:
Keep Climbing............


Pajama Mommy said...

Good luck!

Steve Murphy MD said...

Thanks Pajama Mommy!
I am about to present now.