Saturday, March 15, 2008

A thought....

What if we had a 1000 USD genome by next year? Where would we be? What would we have? What problems would that create? Who would benefit? Who would lose?

I have been thinking alot about this lately. Mainly because I had known for a while that the Applied Biosystems' Product was coming in under 60k. Trust me....under 60k USD. My friend and ex-President of TV Guide had sent me something this week and I wondered how quick this would move up the charts and into the press.

So I ask my readers..."Where would we be in 1 year from this date if we had the capability to sequence a whole genome for 1000 USD? No not the SNP scans being paraded on the Today show...A whole genome, CNVs and all. What problems would that create? Who would lose? Who would benefit?

I have some ideas and will post them in the coming weeks....Starting with "Where would we be?"

The Sherpa Says:

Let me know what you think....
I am so getting sued by ABC!!! Or NBC take your pick!

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