Thursday, March 20, 2008

They're HEEEERE!!! Navigenics in New York

Well in a move to trump NY or a business plan that does include physicians. Navigenics will Launch April 8th in NYC!!!

That's right

From a counselor's email sent by

Dear xxx,

Navigenics invites you to be one of the first people in NYC to experience first-hand a leading-edge approach to health and wellness.

Navigenics is launching its first genetics service April 8th. We truly believe this company will revolutionize the way we think about our health. Our first service, called the Navigenics Health Compass, tests for genetic risk markers for 18 actionable common conditions—cardiac disease, several cancers, Alzheimer’s among them—and arms you with specific information on how you can mitigate your individual risk for developing each condition, including personal genetic counseling sessions and customized health and wellness content. To celebrate the launch of our first service, we are coming to New York City for two weeks in April (April 8 – 17) to host a series of exciting and informative events. We will be installed at a SOHO location, and I encourage you to join us for some of our events. (Please see the calendar invitation below.)

Please help us celebrate this transformation for medicine: from a “sick care” model of “wait and see” to the emergence of early risk detection. The time has come to empower individuals with the opportunity and knowledge to take preventative steps, and a hands-on approach to their family’s health and wellness!

All the best,
The Navigenics Team

Now it will be interesting to see how their competitors 23andMe and deCodeMe react. Our practices stand ready to pick up the pieces and serve as an information source for both patients and physicians who have lost their compass, or just want to learn about this new technology.

The Sherpa Says:
I'll be there. How about you? To all my physician freinds, give me a call and I can explain what the hell is going on.... You should go to these events....Seriously, they look pretty impressive

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"Won't somebody think of the physicians!"