Sunday, May 20, 2007

Weekend of Firsts

Today at ScienceRoll Bertalan Mesko gives me my first Blogterview. This follows hosting my first Gene Genie Carnival

I am very excited to have joined the ranks of those who he has

Personalized medicine is a passion for me. The true dream is to not have to call it personalized medicine or personalized genomics. The real name should be Medicine.

I put this cartoon here because it represents the "part-time" work I do for my blog, my training, and lastly my new medical practice. Let me tell you about what is so revolutionary at Helix Health of Connecticut (sorry, I am waiting to release the website).

  1. We follow you for life (Something clinical geneticists rarely do). This is necessary given the rapid changes in genomic discovery. Your risks change as we learn more.

  2. We are available for consultation anywhere you are (I can't share how). Just Call 1-914-954-6406. Soon we will have online booking :)

  3. We put Geneticists together with Internists, OB/Gyns, Genomic Counselors and Pediatricians (when needed) to make care plans one patient at a time. We go over them with the patient to make sure they understand the plan. More importantly, we frequently "check-in"

All of these things require web 2.0, and I am a huge supporter of technology in medicine.

The Gene Sherpa Says: This blog post says it all. Personalized Medicine is US.

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