Friday, May 11, 2007

African Americans, Family History and Lung Cancer

A pre-publication release of the Journal Chest includes a study assessing family history of lung cancer and likelihood of acquiring a tobacco related malignancy.
From the study:

"In 2006.....estimated that 174,470 new lung cancer diagnoses and 162,460 deaths from lung cancer will occur. Lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer related death, regardless of gender."

I just saw 2 new cases yesterday myself :(

"Among case relatives, African Americans were 2.44 fold more likely to have head and neck cancers and 1.86 fold more likely to have any tobacco-related cancer compared to white case relatives"

This is where we have to wonder what role detoxifying genes such as GST polymorphisms. It has been show that they do play a role in risk of disease. If only DNA was collected from the participants in this study..........

Most scary for African Americans with a first degree relative diagnosed with Lung Cancer in this study

  1. They are 13 times more likely to have head and neck cancer

  2. Almost 4 fold more likely to have any tobacco related cancer

  3. 4 times more likely to have any tobacco related cancer other than lung

For the Caucasian analysis it appears that African Americans are at 2 fold increased risk compared to their White counterparts when it comes to Lung Cancer.

The Gene Sherpa Says:

We all know smoking causes cancer. But those who continue to play Russian roulette with Marlboros would like to know how hard they should try to quit. This study was limited by only studying early onset lung cancers (less than 60) Kick the Habit Now!

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