Tuesday, May 29, 2007

So Whaddya Think? Rick from My Biotech Life put together this little guy. He seems motivated, excited and ready to hit the trail. But I need to know....Should he stay or should he go? Oh and about this weekend's posts regarding "major breast cancer genes" The media seems to think they are the best thing since BRCAs.

The Sherpa Says: Hogwash. Those genes have so little penetrance that a family history will tell you more. And to Hsien and EyeOnDNA, if you don't have a family history, then an environmental history will indicate even more risk than these genes. One things for sure, I am glad I don't live in Canada. But as for the Diet Coke....I threw mine out yesterday :)


Hsien Lei said...

Ooooh. CUTE!!! Rick did a great job.

And you're getting snarkier by the day. LOL

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Berci Meskó said...

What a LOL!

How can someone have such a great set of things? I'm thinking about a Scienceroll kit. :)