Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson

Ok, I couldn't help myself.

Seriously, who takes propofol to get a good night's rest?

An Addict. That's who.

Who gives that medication to him?

A crazy person looking to "Democratize" access to propofol.

Come on now
.....You mean it's regulated?

You mean, I don't have the right to shoot myself up with whatever I want?

What kind of world is this? Communist Russia?

Isn't this America, where we have the "Right to Healthcare and Medications"?

There is a reason why we have regulations. It is to keep sick people from hurting themselves and others......They exist to keep people alive, they exist to keep people healthy.

Poor Michael needed a good physician, not a weak one who would do things because of money and influence.

Rest in peace Michael, I hope my partner's comments didn't hurt too much.....

Imagine? Laws to protect people from themselves.........What kind of world is this???

Didn't MJ have the right to that propofol? In a world without doctors committed to do no harm, In a world without gatekeepers, we would see far too much of this.......

The Sherpa Says: RIP MJ, your kids will mourn you......Your family will mourn you. Debbie Rowe will mourn you, until the royalty checks come in........


Anonymous said...

Many of us think the same way you do in this blog post.

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kashcraft said...

Hi Steve:

Take a look at Michael's supposed medication list - http://mhc.daytondcs.com:8080//ddi53/sendEmail.php?task=show&drugList=0-1931

Genetics may have played a hand, but the predicted drug-drug interactions alone are concerning.

Steve Murphy MD said...

Someone's got a lawsuit.