Friday, July 24, 2009

Go See a Gastro Doc

I am so blown away at the desperation (def: recklessness arising from despair) of the DTC companies. Recently my iPhone has been flooded with all sorts of clinically inaccurate information designed to make people think that something miraculously has changed with DTC genomics tests.

A change so impressive that it now appears as if you can actually do something about the results.

The best is a video now on Navi's website

2 sisters on the site taking about their results......likely plants......

The transcript includes these misleading words.......
Sister 1: We both tested "High" For Colon Cancer!

Sister 1: But the Crohn's disease was "really high" on my results. Which is interesting because, I didn't know we had that disease in our family......

Sister 2: It is a disease that is 75% genetic but 25% controllable by environment and diet

Sister 1: So I am making an appointment now to go see a "Gastro Doc"

Explain this to me, how in the hell are they getting away with such a flagrant use of insinuation that they tested for the exact 75% genetic part of Crohn's.... AND who the hell says it is 75% genetic but 25% controllable?

What does that exactly mean?

Chalk another piece of false advertising claims up to the geniuses at Navi......Good job Denise.

Let me know how that call with the FTC goes......and clean up your twitters.

Inferring that you can find out your risk for colon cancer with a gene test is false as well....
I am not going to even comment on their partnership with the Toronto Clinic other than to say that this will likely be the move of these companies prior to the US regulation hammer falling.....

They (DTC Genomics) will all move to foreign markets like Canada, Asia and maybe even Africa. Because the EU and likely the US will have had enough of their false claims and shenanigans.....

This video and the tests have tricked this ASYMPTOMATIC woman into going to see a specialist, for what I don't know....I can't wait to see the GI doctor's face. Assuming of course this wasn't just a bull$h!t marketing video that wasn't real.

The Sherpa Says: Want to know about Crohn's disease? Don't think that a few genes can give you disease or that we even know how to modify the environment enough to prevent it. I know for sure that eating some carrots, onions and peppers sure as hell ain't gonna prevent it.....I hate marketing lies. And these guys do it ALL the time.

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