Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday's Doctor using clinically unvalidated tests...

Dr Turrisi,

An otherwise fine doctor, I am certain, has decided to use a clinically unvalidated tool in his practice. It is known as the Navigenics Health Compass. You can find him here. Or here on

Like I said before. I will highlight each and every one of these doctors who are using a clinically unvalidated tool to treat patients. Since Navigenics has decided to put it on the record. I will as well. Dr. Turrisi is one of 31 physicians in the MDVIP network who are using this test. Or at least claim to be.

Dr Turrisi is a Pulmonlogist and an Internist. He went to medical school in 1978. I wonder how much has changed in the field of genetics since then?

The Sherpa Says: MDVIP consists of 280 primary care physicians who serve more than 100,000 patients nationwide. I wonder why 10% are using this test? I know why 90% are not. What would you do clinically with different results? Could you do something differently based on the results?

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Anonymous said...

Why not communicate with him directly? Do you honestly think he will search Google to see if any other doctor is providing advice to him for how to run his practice?