Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bargain Basement Consumer Genomics Conference

Step right on up, come one come the greatest show on earth!

Demand is so high, that we've dropped the price 99%

That's right, the greatest show on earth, known as the Consumer Genomics Show has reduced its exorbitant cost, just like genome scanning is going to do!!!

From 850 USD, which was dropped from over 1000 USD, to now 8 dollars and 76 cents

Just use the special coupon code DNA123

Yes, that IS recessionary pricing at its best.

This Show has "Shown" me its true value.......A sandwich at Cosi......minus the fulfillment of that Chicken Pesto and less the substance....Ahhh, PT would be proud of thee.....

See you there suckers!

The Sherpa Says: What an unbelievable scam. I am blown away at what our profession has allowed the hucksters in business to get away with....perhaps we are too busy being scared of what President Obama will do to our profession that we have forgotten to see the bigger picture. Or maybe we are too busy fighting for tenure and grants??? Either way, they have the advantage.

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