Wednesday, May 6, 2009

An Easy Way to Find Overconfident and Dangerous Physicians.

I always wonderd who would admit to using the cliniclaly unvalidated SNP chips into their medical practice as if it were standard practice, without having any training at all in genetics.

Do you remember my blog post 2 years ago entitled "Beware Physicians Bearing Genetic Tests"

Basically I state that if you have not had any training interpreting genetic testing, you are likely to make a hash of it. This is especially true with the highly probabilistic and non-clinically validated SNP scans.

So just when I wonder who in their right mind would admit to using this as a clinical tool without any validation......Navigenics makes it easy to find the krazies!!! From the site.

"Find a physician"

A growing number of doctors have collaborated with Navigenics to integrate genetic testing into their medical practices. Through these relationships, Navigenics’ genetic testing services are available through affiliated physicians to help patients understand their genetic risk factors for disease and work with their doctors to develop individualized prevention plans."

The site then goes on further....

Navigenics does not endorse any particular physician or attest to their ability.

That is about the smartest thing I heard out of their mouth all day. Obviously, who are you to attest to their ability. But One thing is for sure. These doctors are certainly overconfident, by using non clinically validated tools in their clinical care.....Sheesh.....

I can imagine a Malpractice lawyer now.......

Lawyer- "Why did you suggest a cath in this patient with no risk factors?"

Doctor-He has a genetic predisposition in 9p21.3"

Lawyer-"Predisposition? Says Who?"


Lawyer-"Is Navigenics a medical professional organization with criteria and guidelines?"


Lawyer-"Was a cath clinically validated as a means to prevent a heart attack in this patient with 9p21.3 SNP changes?"


Lawyer-"Why did you subject your patient to a risky procedure because of nonclinically validated test results???"

If I were an MDVIP patient, I would leave this organization and run for the hills. If they are willing to let a clinically unvalidated tool into their doctors offices, this speaks volumes of their lack of clinical judgement. Who would pay for that kind of care???? Who would deliver that care? 31 doctors according to the site.......31 of hundreds of thousands.....My question to these guys, what would they do clinically different with Navigenics Tests? Would they do anything different? If they are, I would love to hear their testimonials of how they use this test in their practice.
Does anyone have the contact information for him?

The Sherpa Says: Like I said, Beware Doctors Bearing Genetic Tests.....Now we have a list of the Krazies, Thanks Navigenics! Here's one of 'em I plan on profiling each and everyone of these......Until MDVIP comes to their clinical senses.

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You have something in common with the MD you highlighted, have you noticed the Everest Expedition curicculum?