Sunday, November 23, 2008

Paradigm Shifts.....

I am busily preparing for the Coriell ICOB meeting in Philadelphia coming up shortly. We are set to examine a whole host of new SNPs and their relevance to disease. I also am ramping up our practices in Connecticut and New York City. Traditionally a consult service, Helix Health of Connecticut is going to really put its money where its mouth is...we are taking on a full time role in management of patients.

We certainly are excited about this move. We initially didn't want physicians in our communities to think we would want to "steal" their patients....which has never been our aim....but now after multiple requests by our consulted patients we will begin seeing full time primary care patients in our clinics starting in January of 2009.
Call now to start an intake, we are already filling up quickly.....

We will carry out the usual intakes and genomic consultations, but this time we will also be doing the full time quarterbacking. Sniffles, Chest Pain and Depression all deserve Personalized Medicine, don't you think?

Our team is committed to this and stand ready to serve.

We will be carrying out some amazing projects which I will share with you shortly.

We believe our communities are ready for this care, we hope the government catches on before it's too late......

To Your Health,



Anonymous said...

Quote: "we are taking on a full time role in management of patients."

I always thought that this is what you were going to do all along. Boy am I glad I wasn't wrong with those thoughts. I would have had a bigger issue with not seeing patients full-time.

By the way, I don't think doing genetic assessments is taking patients away. Whether that occurs at your place or in the clinic setting, patients that need to be refereed will be refereed.

Good luck and provide some good medical care for the members of your community.

Anonymous said...

Again, we can see in this post the main interest of Steve: just promote his company and go against DTCs.

As someone said previously, Steve has a big conflict of interest: his "company" (actually a couple of friends) Helix Health of Connecticut. That's why Steve is strongly against DTCs. He wants to get customers from DTCs. Cristal clear.

Andrew said...