Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Health Thing to Do This Thanksgiving

In the US, today is Thanksgiving. A day where family and friends come together and appreciate what we have. We consume massive amounts of food, drink, some smoke, and not surprisingly get admitted to the hospital the next day.

This year I would like to offer up the one healthy thing you can do. Take your Family History. Started in 2005, the Surgeon General has named today, National Family History Day. So visit the HHS website and find out who has what, who died, how may end up saving your life. When your done and if you are concerned about it, Come See Us! We even do home visits!

The Sherpa Says: Happy Thanksgiving to all. Today I am thankful for YOU, my readers. Have a great Holiday!


Andrew said...

Note: if you are between NYC and New Haven. Since family history is largely non-physical, could somehow a service to do this by phone or the Internet be provided for people outside your small geographic range?

Anonymous said...


Sssshhhh. Wait a couple of years. I need to get the degree first. I already have this planed out.