Sunday, November 9, 2008

Burrill and Company Personalized Medicine Meeting

For all those people "In the Know" The Burrill Meeting is THE meeting to attend if you want to gain insight into the future of where Personalized Medicine is heading. Last year I was unable to attend but Wired had a good breakdown. This year is the 4th annual event and guess who is invited to speak........your friendly, neighborhood Gene Sherpa! I am blown away and extremely excited to be a part of this. Why???? Burrill knows where PM is at and where it will be.

Last year someone said

"Biomarkers, the genes, proteins, and other things that personalized medicine products measure, can initially appear to be strong signposts that forecast how a disease or treatment will work out, but many of the sophisticated scientific indicators prove worthless to doctors. Several of the panelists referred to markers that are truly useful and easy to identify as "low-hanging fruit", which seem to be rare commodities in the real world. "

Hmm.....I wonder if Kleiner thinks that way???? They should. This is where the puck is going to be for quite some time. I do think we will proceed to some higher level stuff including systems biology and physicians turning into genomics experts, but that will take some time. So while we are working towards that, let's not kill the goose for a few "golden eggs"

That is why the Burrill Meeting is so important, because industry will finally have the chance to discuss the barriers and investors will have the chance to hear about them....Putting Personalized Medicine into Perspective is key to guiding right investment, especially in this environment.

So do you want to know who's coming to dinner? How about the agenda?

Here are the Heavy Hitters/CEOs

Mari Baker CEO Navigenics
Linda Avey pulled out :(
Steve Burrill, no further explanation's his party!
Mike Christman CEO Coriell Institute for Medical Research and the CPMC!
Randy Scott CEO Genomic Health
John Sninsky VP Discovery Research Celera
Dean Sproles CEO Iverson Genetics Diagnostics......Dean is my age!!!
Timothy Thompson CEO Proventys (Ralph Snyderman's Baby)
Jeffrey Trent President T-Gen(Where Dietrich Stephan took sabbatical from)
Peter Vitulli CEO Sciona
Robert Wells, yes the founder of the Personalized Medicine Coalition
William Young CEO Monogram Biosciences

Now for the Physicians

William Wachsman Heme-Onc UCSD
Gary Vygantas Senior Associate Burrill
Eric Topol Cardiology Scripps, Yes. the original Maverick! This is the guy that motivated me to just do it!
LTC Alexander Stojadinovich, Surgeon, Walter Reed Hospital, USMCI. The Colonel is in the know, so follow or get the hell outta the way!
Bruce Quinn, Policy speciaist with a keen understanding of Medicare Billing and Coding
Franklyn Prendergast, He is Genomic Medicine at Mayo!!!!
Steven A.R. Murphy, Geneticst, Internist, Yale, the other Maverick, President Helix Health of Connecticut. Chief Medical Officer TotalDx.
Robert Monroe, Pathology, BioImagene
Asif Dhar, Deloitte Consulting
Susan Desmond-Hellmann, Genentech, Heme-Onc

All the rest of the fantastic speakers can be found here

Stay tuned for the coverage......I will be on the ground reporting from San Fran!!!

The Sherpa Says: Meetings like this energize the basecamp. Won't you come join the climb?


Anonymous said...

That is a good list of professionals.

Make sure someone who speaks states the following, "family history is the most useful and most important medical information you can have."

Anonymous said...

Congrats Steve!

Please inform us what's going on Burril meeting.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your invite. This is a great group of leaders from the industry. Do they have anyone focusing on the ELSI issues of personalized medicine?

Steve Murphy MD said...

They did have an excellent regulation group up there on Tuesday....but this was an investors no big push for ELSI from what I saw....
other than the legal part