Wednesday, November 26, 2008 debuts!

I love the web. I have a twitter that is only shared by some good friends....but it never fails that I have people who are interested in what Helix Health of Connecticut is up to "lurking" my twitters......(I always wondered, are the people who use twitter called Twitterers or just Twits?)

This is the case with a company. I was informed today that someone at was now following me.. So I went to their site... It was a face page that I have up here....I began to wonder who was following me on twitter, so I dug deeper....

It turns out that was founded by PhD Geneticists, not MD Geneticists and is run by the a company called discoverme technologies.
What is MyGeneticist and who are DiscoverMe Technologies???
From their site
"At the heart of DiscoverMe Technologies is the mission to help people live healthier, more peaceful lives by facilitating informed medical decisions based on our analysis of personal genetic information."

We are committed to high standards of integrity in contributing to the best interests of our clients, health care professionals, our team and our communities, based on our continual pursuit of scientific, clinical and operational excellence."

"Founded and operated by scientists, DiscoverMe serves to complement existing healthcare systems and to make a positive impact on society by facilitating informed health choices."
So I then began to wonder....What is
myGeneticist is a service that enables individuals to understand the information stored in their DNA, so this knowledge can be used to make healthy life choices.
myGeneticist offers continuously evolving service suites based on scientific advances in pharmacogenomics, where drug prescriptions and dosages are matched to complement an individual's genetic makeup.

Through myGeneticist, clients will gain access to the most comprehensive genetic analysis of their DNA and, with the help of our highly accredited clinical team, be able to understand their most appropriate drug choices and dosages for any given situation, where quality scientific research enables definitive clinical action.

Conversely, our clinical team will work with partnering healthcare providers to facilitate the use of our services to augment existing healthcare clinics and practices.

Lots of words, but still no answers...Who is i.e. the clinicians and scientists? and most importantly what do they do? A highly accredited clinical team, sounds alot like MD geneticists or maybe clinical pharmacologists or maybe just MDs. I wonder who?

The Sherpa Says: A lurking twitterer reveals a stealth service which looks like it will launch in the PgX space, very, very soon......I look forward to finding out who they are and what they offer....We need more telegenetics services, especially when it comes to PgX.....


Anonymous said...

Dig a little deeper:

Steve Murphy MD said...

I did,
But I can't find out anything more about this Canadian BioTech firm.....I see web development, I see PhD......But I can't find out anything else....


Berci Meskó said...


Twitterers are users (we can also refer to them as tweople), twits are the messages.