Friday, October 10, 2008

October and November is Personalized Medicine 2 Months!

That's right. Personalized medicine is such a hot topic that we deserve 2 months! Why Not? I will get W. on the phone and make it so!

Seriously though, there are some excellent conferences on the horizon. I was asked to speak at a couple but couldn't do it and am now pulling out of another. But don't worry, the Sherpa will still be speaking at the Burrill and Company conference in November.


1. Ohio State University Medical Center is having its inaugural conference in Personalized Medicine. I am so sorry to not be able to attend nor speak. But we will be collaborating ;)

2. Harvard and my colleague Mike Murray are now having their CME conference on the Genetic Basis of Adult Disease. I will be speaking there and am on Faculty at this wonderful conference. I will be traveling Sunday at 2am to get there in time! Mike and Mark, Bruce and Dick will all be there! All should attend, Internists, Specialists, PAs, NPs and CGCs!

3. ASHG is in Philly. For those who don't know what (Ay-Shag) is, it is the American Society for Human Genetics and it is a must attend conference for EVERYONE. I will be flying in from San Francisco where I will speak at.....

4. The Burrill Personalized Medicine Meeting!!! Where I will be presenting with Linda Avey and Peter Vitulli from Sciona. I am super excited about this conference as well.

:( sorry Raju!!! But it is yet again, another great conference to put on your radar.

Lastly, I am sad that I will be unable to speak at the NSGC Education Conference, unfortunately a personal commitment precludes me from flying to L.A. I was so hoping to catch up with my friend Brandon Colby there, but will have to defer. Oh well, there is always next year. I was looing forward to going over the Navigenics and 23andMe reports with counselor and explain what would be needed to interpret and counsel on risks of complex diseases like heart attack and multiple sclerosis.

So you see....Personalized Medicine is so big that it deserves 2 months!!!

The Sherpa Says: Have a great Columbus Day everyone. Remember, Columbus was ridiculed by all aspects of what was considered rational society for wanting to travel across the globe. He had an idea and criticized conventional thinking. Unfortunately, his own country wouldn't support him. I kind of consider myself to be just like him. Risk taker, lightning rod and discoverer of a New World. We ARE headed to that New World. Why don't you join me? I can't wait to get there, we are already underway!!!


Andrew said...

Christopher Columbus thought that he discovered Asia because he misjudged the circumference of the Earth to be much smaller than it is. Sailing to Asia would have proved his hypothesis. However, he sailed to some other landmass, proving nothing.

Further, the idea that the Earth was round was well understood since the ancient Greeks. Maybe peasants and Ug the Oarsman thought the Earth was flat, but classically educated people did not. The problem was that everybody (correctly) thought that the Earth was much bigger and that sailing to Asia would be impossible (which it would have been). Columbus managed to convince the Portuguese not that the Earth was round and proved right, but falsely convinced them that the Earth was much much smaller than it was and proved nothing.

Finally, Columbus died moderately wealthy at 50-something, but never achieved nobility, and his health and mind were shattered from the stresses of his life.

The legacy of Columbus is that, in retrospect, history can glorify you as a hero, even if in life you were somewhat of a crazy, miserable, frustrated person who was wrong who kept pestering the world's royalty for money for decades until he got it and then got really lucky.

You may want to consider muse.

Andrew said...

Also, the other lesson about Columbus is "Don't believe anything you were taught in primary school." and "There are no heroes, only people." and "Reality has no constraint to produce only nice, clean myths for your convenient belief."

Steve Murphy MD said...


There are several sides of his tale....Not just yours

Andrew said...

What part of "my story" are you contesting?


- Columbus had a completely bogus theory and managed to convince others of his bogus theory.

- Columbus got very lucky because there happened to be another landmass between Europe and Asia despite that the Earth was much bigger as big as he thought it was. Otherwise, he would have been trying to sail an ocean the size of the Atlantic + Pacific + the USA using 15th century tech.

- That he aggressively solicited royalty for funding for almost a decade, which was only granted when he managed to convince somebody of his wrong theories and because Isabella was more concerned that Columbus would take his ideas to rivals?

- That Columbus died of terrible degenerative diseases in his 50s, never became nobility, and while wealthy, never was granted what was promised to him (for example, 10% of wealth from his discoveries)

Shall I continue?

Or, do you just not like my story, so you vaguely discredit it by implying that I'm wrong?

Steve Murphy MD said...

I didn't contest any of your story. I do contest your pic choice........