Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Everything that's great comes from blogging!

Today, I want to point out what Webicina is and why it is important. You may be asking yourselves....webicina? What the heck is that? and Why should I care....

Here's why. Just about everything in my professional life has gotten light years' better since I started blogging. Some notable achievements.....

1. Invited to participate on the Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative's ICOB
2. Invited to speak on a panel with Navigenics, 23andMe, deCode, DNADirect
3. Inivited again to speak on a panel with Linda Avey (this one for the second time)
4. Invited to speak to the National Society of Genetic Counselors about personal genomics
5. Working on a scientific collaboration with OSU (and many others) because of blogging
6. Interviewed by Karen Shughrue of 60 Minutes and the NYT and the LA Times and MSNBC and CBS.........
7. I met some great friends
8. I have been asked by 3 web health companies to help them create genomics resources
9. I have formed 2 companies because of blogging
10. I have learned to handle the masses of people who disagree with me in much better fashion
11. I have sparked a national debate when everyone was cheering something that was not quite of value.

I could go even further but I won't b/c I want to talk about how it all started.

There was this guy named Bertalan Mesko.

He saw that I started a lowly blog back in March of 2007. He stepped in and said, "Let me help you build your blog" First you have to get HON Coded, next you have to join a group, then you should do 1,2 and 3..........Why was this important?

You see, Berci (as his friends call him) was starting his company without even knowing it. What he did for me, he had most certainly done for dozens of other blogger....the fruits of his labor are now called Webicina!

What can Webicina offer you? exactly what it offered me.

Medicine 2.0 Packages

The tools and services of web 2.0 can facilitate the work for medical professionals and help patients as well. If you would like an even more efficient medical practice; more productive research, pharma team; or you would like to know web 2.0 sites focusing on your medical condition, Medicine 2.0 Personalized Packages are created for you.Medicine 2.0 Package is a personalized set of web 2.0 tools designed to solve your problems. If you would like to know which part of the web you should follow, which websites and services could be useful in your work, that is what Webicina can help you with.

Contact us for more details.

Online courses
The world is at your fingertips. If you would like to know
how to follow the medical papers of your field of interest more easily
how to create a medical blog, how to be up-to-date in your field and more productive in your practice,
Webicina's E-Learning Tools are made for you.

You tell us what your problems are with effectiveness and we provide the online materials and tutorials through which you can easily learn to use the tools and methods you need to improve your service or work.

Contact us for more details.

Building medical blogs and online reputationIt is crucial for a medical professional to have a well designed online image. Patients are more likely to search for the name of their doctors to find some information about them or their practices. And the information they find online should represent their pratice properly.A medical blog is a perfect tool for establishing an online presence.

A medical practice can be represented successfully through a reliable blog, profiles in the best medical community sites or an online résumé as well.

Contact us for more details.

Consulting and workshops

If you are about to launch a medical website or community, our consulting service can make you more successful by providing creative ideas and practical pieces of advice.If you would like your collegues or employees to know more about the possible implications of web 2.0 in your field of interest, Webicina can help you through in-person presentations, workshops or online webinars and Second Life meetings.

Contact us for more details.

It is pretty plain and simple. Berci (Webicina) launched the Gene Sherpa! There is no reason why they can't launch you too.......

The Sherpa Says:
Hopefully Webicina will collaborate with Helix Health of Connecticut of CT to create online educational conferences this coming year........


Anonymous said...

Keep humble, sir, keep humble. All of the things you listed are fine, but the succcess of Helix Health of Connecticut will mean the most out of them all.

Steve Murphy MD said...



Berci Meskó said...

Steve, thank you so much for the encouragement. I really hope we can work together in the near future.