Sunday, August 26, 2007

Send in the Clowns......

The Gene Genie is at Microbiology Bytes this week. The theme is bugs and beyond. It has been 7 genies since my hosting and the topics just keep getting better. I am so impressed by the set of links posted, from evolutionary bacteriology to pharmacogenomics there is a lot in the bottle this go 'round.

I have been moving off topic lately and I promise to start redirecting. I have been guiding your attention towards the business side simply because there are so many shenanigans out there. I firmly believe that the revolution known as personalized medicine will be manipulated, just as the "organic food" wave was. Pretty soon you have everything from organic food to organic car washes.

Perhaps the next move is Procter and Gamble releasing Genomically Targeted Food, personalized just for you. Where will this start? Not in your foods, but in Fido's. I have recently discovered from several sources, including I guy (venutre capitalist) who I bumped into waiting to buy power ball tickets, that there are several food manufacturers working on nutrigenomic cat, dog, and parakeet food!!!

All that glitters isn't gold and all that buy it aren't fools. They can be tremendously smart people that are duped by marketing. I ask that we all take a step back, take inventory and prepare for the avalanche of marketing about to hit the air waves.....From Myriad and Sheryl Crow to Puppy Chow...please don't dismiss Personalized Medicine as more of the same charlatanism. We have something revolutionary, it is a shame if we let the PR, Marketing, and VC fools run us into the ground for a cheap buck or two!

The Sherpa Says: Thanks for reading.....please stick to the trail and we will get there safe and sound, I promise. Oh and BTW, I am still awaiting Salugen's studies and data.

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