Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Medicine and Genetics

Today in a bimonthly medical newspaper (where the are sections much like sports/lifestyle but listed by specialty) which has been publishing since 1968 finally announced that they will have a subsection on genetic medicine for internists.

I am here to cheer this paper called "Internal Medicine News" for covering these important topics. Most importantly the beat writers for the section will be Internal Medicine Geneticists. Makes sense? Of course, however most genetics authors in medical weeklies/newspapers are often pediatricians. The problem with this is that most personalized medicine advances are not covered from an internal medicine point of view

Internal Medicine News reaches nearly 119,000 internists and physicians in related specialties twice a month with the clinical news they must have to keep current in patient care. From new drug approvals to the latest clinical trials, Internal Medicine News is there for its readers with timely, balanced coverage. Internists rely on Internal Medicine News for Comprehensive Meeting Coverage, Expert Opinion, Balanced News Coverage, and Reliability

Well, finally we have a voice!

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