Friday, August 24, 2007

Check out my colleague Ogan Gurel MD Mphil

I am sitting on the Phone with the good doctor Ogan Gurel. He is an excellent blogger that always never ceases to amaze me with his posts.

From his site

"Ogan is chairman of the Aesis Group which provides consulting services in the life sciences and healthcare sectors to clients that have included biopharma/medtech companies, hospitals & health systems, private equity firms, venture capital groups and hedge funds. As a healthcare technology expert and futurist, he has been a frequent conference speaker worldwide, addressing the issue of emerging technologies and their impact on the future of healthcare with particular focus on convergent medical technologies"

He was interviewed by INTimeTV. It is an excellent example of how we often forget that there is more than genomics is personalized medicine. Let's face each day passes, so do the old technologies in how we treat medicine. Unfortunately, your PMD is not keeping up with these changes. How can they? They are too busy fighting insurance companies in order to get paid. But that's a story for a different day.
The Sherpa Says: The future is here, it just isn't evenly distributed......But Ogan has it all

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