Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend Off, But Genetics Never Rests.

I took the weekend off from posting because I was in the hospital 3 days in a row. It is truly amazing how little you know when you start internship. I am frankly amazed that there aren't more problems during July. The statisticians must have been crazy.

Rule number 1-Don't get elective care in July
Rule number 2-Don't go to a training hospital in July
Rule number 3-Always ask about the medications a nurse gives you

Enough public service.....Back to genomics and personalized medicine.
I was sent an email the other day from a company called Genelex. You may have heard of them. They have been offering pharmacogenomic testing since 2000. Yes that is correct. I thought we should take the time to review what this company offers.

The first tool is called GeneMedRx.
According to the site : GeneMedRx is the first software tool available to prescribers that predicts drug-drug interaction risk based on both cytochrome P450 metabolism and genetic testing. This allows for enhanced understanding of metabolism-based adverse drug interactions or lack of efficacy.

I would say that after reviewing this tool it is a very good resource that should be considered. In addition, a company such as Revolution Health or even an EMR would be smart to snap up a tool such as this. It has over 2000 drugs and metabolites as well as significant links to PubMed. For a demo.

I will continue to review this company throughout the week. They have some very useful and some debatable services as well.

The Sherpa Says: Sorry for the weekend off. I know.........But like C3PO says "Please don't deactivate me" There is alot going on this week and I hope to cover it all. Keep Climbing.

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